With computer hardware changing at such a rapid pace, many IT users find they do not require the latest technology to accomplish the task at hand. At KIT Network Trading LLC, we can help you to structure a cost effective, appropriate technology solution. When you buy at the optimum point in the technology lifecycle you can substantially reduce your IT investment. This will allow you to purchase more systems that are better suited to the tasks you need them to perform, resulting in a better return on your IT investment.
Systems manufacturers frequently operate on a 6-9 month product lifecycle. Minimizing the number of hardware standards for extended deployments can be challenging in this environment. When you consider the significant implementation and software costs associated with a technology deployment, any extension in the lifecycle of your install base can have a substantial, positive, bottom-line effect. At KIT Network Trading LLC, we work globally with Tier 1 manufacturers, like IBM, Lenovo to stock and source discontinued and constrained products. KIT can assist you in maintaining your existing platform or standards when product is unavailable through normal or primary distribution channels.
K I T NETWORK Trading LLC has been a supplier of magnetic media, toners & laser cartridges and computer peripherals. Situated within Dubai, U.A.E, we use our strategic alliances with vendors and business partners to service customers across town, throughout the GCC and around the world. Our binding pledge: Putting the customers' needs first by providing superior products,excellent pricing and world class service.
We carry a complete line of (OEM) copier, fax & printer supplies, including printer/copier toner and developer, toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges, and fax toner.
In addition we carry compatible toners and print cartridges that are both economical and guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM standards.
On the IT side, we market data storage solutions such as tape back-up media:
(LTO, AIT, DLT, 4MM, 8MM, 3590) optical disks, CD & DVD media, removable disk cartridges, diskettes, cleaning products, media storage racks and labels, hardware, and other storage-related accessories. K I T NETWORK TRADING LLC Trading emphasizes the sale of high-quality, internationally known, name-brand tape media and drive products. Sony, Quantum, IBM, Imation, Maxell, Verbatim, Emtec, TDK, Fuji, Exabyte, and SanDisk are just a few of the major brands supported.
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