PERPS ERP enables you to get a 360-degree view of your business, information accessible anytime, from any part of the globe on a browser, whether from a laptop, a PDA, mobile phone or a tablet PC

PERPS ERP a multilingual ERP solution provides a comprehensive set of global functionalities, integrated ERP with solutions for Manufacturing operations, Supply chain management (SCM), Human capital management (HCM), Financial Management, , Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Project Management, Process Control, Analytics, Advanced Planning & Optimization and Document Automation.

With the flexibility to be run on premise or on the cloud, PERPS ERP can be deployed to suit your operational needs, resources, and budget, on various platforms including on-site installation, hosted, or as a SaaS or Cloud application.

With a modular approach and robust capabilities, PERPS is focussed on reducing costs, inventories, streamlining processes and scaling up responsiveness across organisations. PERPS ERP offers highly flexible and scalable industry-independent ERP software solutions designed to meet the needs of manufacturing, distribution, and services industries.

For global enterprises operating in multiple countries PERPS ERP represents comprehensive solution complying with the requirements of the world’s major markets through an adaptable business architecture and configurable engine approach.

Key Benefits:

  • Order to Cash process acceleration.
  • Drive innovation across the value chain.
  • Faster, better decision making with relevant data, real time reporting and personalised dashboards.
  • Improve efficiency, and reduce costs and time to market.
  • Lower cost of ownership by eliminating upfront and ongoing IT expenditures, and delivering automatic product upgrades.